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Every thought we have, is one we choose. Every choice we make, starts with a thought. One choice that is available to you, is to Let Go of worrying, by Surrendering your concerns. This is just one big step in experiencing relief, supporting yourself and kindness. Most of all, this is an act of love for yourself, you are worth it!

Let Go. I let go of feeling overwhelmed by this year ending soon.

Let Go. I can let go of not waking up anxious, being consumed by everything that is out of my control.

Let Go. I want to let go of analysing all the things that are not working out for me.

Letting Go then is the process of surrendering, and in this context, it means to consciously no longer spend time thinking about it, or wondering about it, or talking about it. It means no longer wasting your valuable self on a topic which you cannot solve right now. It can be viewed a form of giving up spending time on it, or conversations.

Surrender then, I can say: I Willingly Surrender all my worries about this year, my anxiety and analysing to my higher power*. (*adapt to your faith)

Can you surrender your 5 most consuming worries right now?

Try these steps to get you started:

  • Write down your Let Go statement.
  • Make sure that you are writing it in your voice, free of blame, free of regret.
  • Keep it simple, don’t over complicate the statement.
  • When you are done with the Let Go statements, take a moment to feel good about having articulated your worries.
  • Final and Important act: Read your list out loud replacing ‘I Let Go…’ with ‘I Willingly Surrender……to my higher power’. The words in the middle may change in order, to stay true to the┬ámeaning of your message.
  • Now give yourself the day off from worrying, and think of all the things that interest and excite you. Award yourself a nice day.

I invite you to experience this 5 minute Let Go & Surrender Technique, it promises to change your view of worrying, it delivers a sense of freedom, and most of all, this is immensely powerful for yourself. Feeling Good about yourself, affects all the relationships in your life instantly.

You are welcome to share your experience with me here.