Blog Cover 23Dec2015

At any point in our life, we have a project we started, and it’s still in that phase. We have a project that’s halfway through, and we have some that have not even begun yet.

Did you know, that when you actually take some time to sit down and figure out what the next step is, that you find that 90% of the resources you need, are already in your work space? Go ahead and check out your last start now…

It is that simple:

  • Get your planning tools: sheet of paper or notebook and a pen.
  • Then pick a thinking spot: patio, kitchen, workshop.

Let’s get into it: (adapt the stage of your idea to the below points, so if your idea is a project already, then no need to follow each step from the top)

  • Define the idea: write to explain what your idea is about, describe it, define it’s purpose.
  • Read through your idea definition and identify which would be the obvious steps to make things happen. Make notes using bullet points on the page.
  • Next, draw 2 columns, left heading states: “I have”. Right heading states: “I need”.
  • Looking at your bullet point notes, in the “I have” column, list all the items you have already, maybe contacts to phone, or hardware for building something etc.
  • In the “I need” column, list all the items you do not have now, such as tools you need to purchase or borrow, perhaps it’s potting soil, or textiles etc.
  • Now you create an action plan, to realise all the “I need” items to progress with your idea/project.
  • Make a new list of items you need to organise, put a deadline for each item and make it happen. Tick each organised item off as you get it done.
  • Any challenges you encounter, define the challenge, identify what you have and what you need and organise the items you need. Remain in action mode to work through challenges.
  • Celebrate your work, your success. Sharing your work can be very fulfilling and inspire others.

All the best, make it count, and make it happen.