Web post 8Jan2016

Of all the activities I completed in the past week, there were instances which left me feeling demotivated. I knew it was daily, and so by Friday I decided to deal with it. I became aware of how I felt, during and after each activity. I found the leak which affected my productivity, it affected my creativity and overall success of each day.

What did I do next? I noted down what exactly what was bothering me. Once it was on paper and clear for me to see, I could see what my action choices were. The action I took was a total of 5 minutes long. Yes, that quick. I felt better immediately, suddenly I had the time and energy to do more work and the best of all? I received various bits of good news, event invitations, group discussion invitations and potential clients. Alignment Success.

I want to show you what I did, so you can figure out which activities are draining you and negatively affecing your productivity each day. Pick a day, say Friday afternoon, and take a few minutes, get a drink of water/tea/lemonade, pen and paper, and pick a thinking spot.

Looking back over the past week, let’s find those draining activities:

  • Write down your major daily activities and rate them 1-10, where 1=really demotivating and 10=total satisfaction.
  • Then underneath that, write out the 4/10 and lower rated items.

Let’s process to get results and move forward:

  1. Take the first activity (rated at 4/10 or less)
  2. Figure out Why you do not like this activity
  3. Write down how it makes you feel (feeling effect)
  4. Then list your options around this activity. (here you may need to talk it out with someone if you want to)
  5. Pick an option (you may need to discuss with a colleague, manager, spouse etc)
  6. Act now if it is possible (or get a date set for the option to take effect)

Repeat these 6 steps for the whole list of 4/10 or less rated activities.

After the decision(s) has been taken, notice all the things that change for you, add it into your journal so you can reflect back on the week, to notice the power of Making a Decision benefiting you.

The need to align to what matters to you, and to do the work that part of your talent and skill set, makes a difference to the way you are productive in the work you do.

I would like to hear about your changes, let me know over on the facebook page www.facebook.com/claudiaanitacoaching/