Ever had a challenge that seems bigger than everything? You gave up on it or have taken breaks continuously from it, and still can’t solve it?

Here’s what I do, and it usually works well: Turn it into an adventure!

Yes, change gears in your mind about outcome, in fact remove the outcome for a moment. You will notice how perspective returns. When you get into the thinking mode of exploring, you stand to solve just about anything, why?

  • Exploring is done without a definite outcome in mind, to limit your experience.
  • Exploring means taking one step at a time, without racing ahead to the outcome.
  • Exploring also means that a change of thinking can be done without much hassle.
  • Your mind is freed up in exploring mode, as opposed to racing to the outcome mode.
  • It may take longer, but better than doing the same thing over expecting different results!

So I invite you this week, to grab your most unsolvable challenge and figure out where you can start, remove a specific outcome and explore your way to it.

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