Self-Care has been such a buzzword since 2015 and I noticed it being used in the context of dieting, of grooming, of exercising, of taking time off and a few other things.

So admittedly it’s been challenging for me to find a nice term for being grounded within yourself. This speaks directly to our Being existence. Being grounded in ourselves, instead of our environment.

Self-Care is a Lifestyle, not an option.

Feel Good about Yourself, in every way. This means getting to know yourself, knowing what is important to you, and slowly feeling good about yourself, enough to stand in your own power. Stand in your own Power!

That bears repeating for sure. We are living in a world that demands our attention all the time. It is the most difficult thing to aim for now, difficult to remove yourself from the environment and move into yourself. TO be grounded means:

:: Feeling Good about Yourself, all the time.

:: Feeling Good about your decisions, and choices.

:: Feeling Good about allowing everything to happen the way you think about things.

:: Feeling Good about allowing yourself to have wants, and expressing them.

:: Feeling Good about yourself, when you are alone.

Removing the noise, removing expectations, removing regrets, removing criticism, come home to yourself. Your Mind, Body and Spirit is waiting for you, or patiently tapping their feet in irritation ;).

Feel Good about Yourself!

Lots of happy,

Claudia xo