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Why do I love what I do?

I’ve lived an inspired life, and believe that life is long (not short). Somehow I’ve lived in this moment for a very long time, understanding that when I get into blame language that I’m stuck in the past and knowing that when I worry all the time, that I’m living in the future. Easy to remember right?

Time does not fly for me, I enjoy each day for what I made of it and so there is no room for regret. Whatever inspiration comes up, I act on it right away.

Mother, Designer, Writer, Intuitive, Adventurer, Researcher, Astrologist, Numerologist, Self-Care Expert, Team Player, Leader, Multipotentialite, Flat Shoe Advocate, Gender Equality Advocate, Organiser…

Get to know yourself, and the world is bliss. Avoid yourself and everything goes wrong. This is what I live by. Sure there can be periods of prolonged strife but I have an undying thirst for creative thinking. Yes I’ve attracted all sorts of people in my life, and each one came with hidden treasure and expansion.

What do I love to do for others?

I enjoy observing the relationship you have with yourself. If you need uplifting, then I lift you up. If you need clarity, then I’ll help you clarify. If you need validation, then I support you to know your value. If you need help to go through something really difficult, I am still here as I help you face it, and move through it.

We are all here, and more of our amazing selves, because of others in our lives. It is sometimes the kindness of a stranger who reminds us how gorgeous we are, right?

My zone of genius is writing, I can do this all day long…yep! I enjoy using it to communicate difficult topics that may be challenging to talk about. Reading something beautiful lives on in your minds and hearts, and inspires us sometimes to be more than we imagined.

The book I wrote happened, for the following reasons:

Self-Care as a lifestyle, is a much needed foundation for everyone:

…the soul-preneur who wants to bring value to others and solve problems 

…the parent who wants to feel connected to their kids, while remaining a guiding authority in their life

…the spouse who wish they could enjoy being in an intimate relationship, to have conversations that are fun,

…the adult who wants to make a big difference in their community but has no-one to support them.

~Have your big goal, big dream – please do everything in your power to make it happen.

~Let Self-Care help you be rooted firmly within your own center of power, so that you can handle all that happens in any one day.

~Let your Self-Awareness guide you to enjoying boundaries in relationships, and no not feel bad about being used by others ever again.

~Let your Intuition help you enjoy what life has to offer you, see and accept opportunities, face challenges and enjoy yourself and others.

You see, Self-Care helped me center myself, and this daily practice has me wake up happy every day, and I get out of my day what I want to. It is because of Self-Care that I learned how important it is to share this knowledge, and to support others to do that same for themselves

I enjoy making a difference through teaching, supporting and encouraging. Let’s meet, start your conversation of possibility, and have you enjoy being true to yourself – You are amazing already!

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