Elisa Joy Torres testimonial on Monthly Self-Care Support:

“You ARE the hand that reaches out and gently, confidently guides people to the light that they already have inside of themselves. You did that for me and you continue to do that for me. Thank you for restoring my TRUST in myself and in my gifts. I’m excited to hear as you do more star readings for people…those are deeply defining & give such direction!”

Danielle DeJong testimonial on Monthly Self-Care Support:

“I always feel safe with Claudia and I am made aware that I have opportunities to explore.  Claudia is always filled with understanding and compassion, never judgmental. The thing I love more than anything else, Claudia does not advise or limit me in any way to solve my current challenge, instead she engages with me where I am, she truly connects to my inner voice”

Magda Bester testimonial on Self-Care Session:

“Thank you for the coaching session, I felt relief when I was talking to you about my business challenges. I have been trying to work things out myself and this has not worked and I gave up. Today, by talking to you, I could think my way through the challenges and you encouraged me to make positive changes.”

Zanele Mpanza testimonial on Monthly Self-Care Support:

“I had a pain in my belly on the side, and every month or every time it rained, the pain prevented me from doing my work. Then one day Claudia saw me in pain and asked me to share my story about how the pain started. She taught me about my anger, she taught me how to forgive, she taught me how to respect my body enough to treat it like a friend now. The pain was gone after two sessions and has not come back since. I am a different woman now, and even feel closer to my husband. Thank you to Claudia for teaching me so many skills.”

Anjana Lala recommendation on Facebook:

“Claudia has a very unique way through questioning and inspiring to help me gain clarity and focus. Gets me thinking of other possibilities.”

Jenny Schmal recommendation on Facebook:

“Claudia is intuitive and encourages through uplifting, enlightening and brings a fresh focus to current ideas and modalities in coaching. Highly recommended”